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Love your posts Jennifer! What you say is so true. I think we have lost the art of appreciating the value of our clothing.

Once upon a time, clothes were very expensive and most people only had a few outfits. People changed, mended and reused their clothing from season to season. Nowadays, when we can buy t-shirts for $3, where's the incentive to value our clothes and put effort into mending or modernising them?

When we think of the human AND environmental resources that's gone into making our clothes, don't they deserve more respect? (If only they were built to last longer ... but that's for another post!)

Jennifer Forest

Thanks for your comment Odette. This is something I've come to appreciate over the years - less, better quality clothing that deserves respect, not cheap $3 pieces! Yes, I should really look into that: about our clothes deserving more respect given the human and environmental costs. I discovered the other day that it takes 11,000 litres of water to make 1 kg of cotton!


Lack of pockets in clothes really frustrates me...particularly with cardigans and jackets.
I managed to make do an mend when in need of a spencer jacket...I cut up and re-hemmed an old 'military style' jacket I got from a well known 'cheap' shop that had been sitting in my wardrobe unworn for over a year.

Jen Forest

Oh, I know. There's something amiss in the thinking of fashion designers and retailers - they assume, wrongly, that women don't need pockets in their clothes.

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